Life Coach Mary Alexandra, From Peace Corps To Marine Corps

Mary Alexandra from the peace corps to the marine corps and a badass life coach.

Mary Alexandra is a seeker of understanding and growth who has spent her life in search of peace and unity within herself, others, and the planet.  After years of longing to serve in the Peace Corps, Mary found herself, instead, serving in the Marine Corps. As such, a significant component of her personal journey has been managing the juxtaposition Of “masculine” and “feminine,” in her own life. Presently, she is a student of cosmetology, at Paul Mitchell the School, Portland, and working to build up the concept of "Soul Expressions" which will integrate health, beauty and life coaching services.

How did her traumas shape who she is today?
How did her life path lead her to a passion for feminine leadership and feminine-masculine balance?
How did she become such an amazing mother?
How did she and her husband create such a beautiful relationship? 

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