Nicole Cruz, the Super Busy Mommy Coach, finds innovative solutions for badass moms to reach high levels of fitness, health, and fulfillment - despite being sleep deprived and constantly interrupted. Busy parents don’t need cliche motivational quotes. We need in-depth knowledge and creative solutions to overcome practical obstacles. We need workouts that get results when we’re interrupted every 30 seconds. We need an efficient approach to nutrition that doesn’t require counting, weighing, and tracking when a toddler is splattering spaghetti across the room. We need to be able to separate the scams from the solutions. We need psych hacks to increase willpower and discipline, stay calm amid chaos, and handle constant pressure without breaking. We have to optimize our relationships and build a strong support network. And of course, we have to master time and resource management. Nicole seeks out the answers so you can overcome any obstacle - external or internal - to create a life you love and guide your kids to do the same. What is more badass than that?

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